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How Quantacap works

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Upload transaction data and invoices

Quantacap automatically extracts data from transaction logs and supplier invoices with precision and speed

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Quantacap connects and analyses the data

Our proprietary algorithms build business P&L and generate investment insights

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Interactive report for data-driven decisions

Verified Profit & Loss Statement (P&L), product portfolio, customer base and inventory adequacy assessments are delivered as online ready-to-use report

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Verified financials

  • Quantacap builds from scratch Income Statement of the business based on raw transaction data from marketplaces and invoices provided.
  • Cost of sales data is calculated by our AI models based on actual invoices.
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Multi-channel view

  • The transaction data is automatically combined for multiple marketplaces.
  • Quantacap uses API connectors or raw data, if there is no access to the Seller account.
screenshot of Quantacap platform with multi-channel analysis

Risks analysis

  • Focus your efforts on crucial risks of eCommerce retailers - products with declining sales or margins, high refund rates and out-of-stock risks.
  • All risks are automatically generated based on verified business data.
risks analysis example

Product portfolio analysis

  • Quantacap summarises product portfolio composition and dynamics.
  • Quickly uncover sales drivers of key products using results of our Machine Learning analysis.
screenshot of Quantacap platform with product analysis

Customer analysis

  • Cohort-level analysis of key metrics, including average order value, order frequency and repeat purchases.
  • Marketing ROI based on customer lifetime value and acquisition costs by cohort.
screenshot of Quantacap platform with customer analysis

Inventory adequacy and valuation

  • Quantacap uses proprietary daily inventory forecasting models to estimate days of sales coverage for each product.
  • Inventory valuation based on verified total landed costs.
screenshot of Quantacap platform with inventory analysis

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